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George Floyd protest spills over to London, Berlin & Toronto

Protests over George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis are now spreading outside the country, as well as continuing to multiply across the US.

Earlier today, a crowd descended on the US Embassy building in Berlin, Germany, calling for justice over Floyd’s death.

Footage posted online shows thousands of protesters standing in front of the embassy, clapping and chanting “Black lives matter”.

In London protesters marched through the streets of Peckham Saturday, a neighborhood known for being home to generations of African and Caribbean immigrant communities that is becoming rapidly gentrified.

Protesters carried signs and chanted “black lives matter,” out of solidarity with the rallies in Minneapolis and other U.S. cities—but also pointed out that “the U.K. is not innocent” when it comes to racism, while a smaller group also protested outside the US Embassy in London to demand justice for Floyd.

About 4000 people in Toronto protested racism in Canada and beyond Saturday, particularly in response to the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet, a black woman in Toronto who fell from her high-rise apartment balcony while alone with police who had been called to her home Wednesday.

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