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George Floyd death protest update

by Mercy Ngozi Alu

White house put on lockdown for some time as protesters and CIA faced off, barricades removed, a CIA officer injured. Atlanta: CNN headquarters damaged, protesters clash with police. Milwaukee Wisconsin, police takes three protesters into custody as highways shut down. Chicago, police arrest one and face off in SUVs blocking protesters who marched through highway/downtown intersections. Oregon violent protests erupt in Oregon. Los Angeles U.S A flag burned, burning cars, broken buildings/businesses. New York: NYPD sergeant injured with a knock on the head from protester with brass knuckles, violent clashes with protesters. Minneapolis, Gas station on fire, buildings on fire including police department building, shops, etc. Police vehicles burned and broken windows across states. Officers shot in Minneapolis. Oakland: burning and looting. Memphis protests with police clashes. Tampa, Orlando protests with clashes with police. 500 national guard deployed in Atlanta, 1700 National Guard deployed in Minneapolis. Army on standby. More violent protests and fights with a few deaths sweeping across the United States.

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