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George Flyod’s death: Trump orders investigation

President Donald Trump has ordered an investigation into the death of a black man, George Floyd who died via police brutality on camera in Minneapolis Minnesota, United States of America. Trump described the unfortunate as ‘sad and tragic’. He made this known via his twitter handle:

” At my request, the FBI and the Department of Justice are already well into an investigation as to the very sad and tragic death in Minnesota of George Floyd. I have asked for this investigation to be expedited and greatly appreciate all of the work done by local law enforcement. My heart goes out to George’s family and friends. Justice will be served! “

In a video that went viral and provoked protests from the black community, four police officers were seen assaulting George Floyd. One of the officers was seen kneeling on his neck while he was handcuffed.

“Your knee in my neck. I can’t breathe… Mama. Mama,” Floyd shouted as he slowly grew silent and motionless, unable to move even as the officers taunted him to “get up and get in the car”. He was pushed into an ambulance stretcher and later declared dead at the hospital.

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