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APC members angry with Minister of Humanitarian Affairs for appointing Toni Kan as media aide

APC members and members of Buhari Media Center are very cross with the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq for appointing writer Toni Kan as her media aide. They took to twitter voice out their displeasure.

According to reports, Hajia Farouq has appointed Kan as her media aide and this has been met with stiff opposition from APC members and staunch supporters of President Buhari’s administration.

They argue that Toni Kani has strong ties with the opposition party, PDP and that his appointment will be counterproductive. They also argue that a person who has hitherto written articles against the Buhari-led government should not enjoy benefits from same administration. Here are some their protest tweets:

APPOINTMENT OF TONI KAN IS A MOCKERY & DERISION OF QUALIFIED, LOYAL & FAITHFUL MEMBER OF APC. It is saddening to see how party faithfuls are being neglected by @OfficialAPCNg@MBuhari led administration. What do we call the appointment made by the Hon. Minister @Sadiya_farouq? – APC Vanguard

Our party @OfficialAPCNg is full of qualified, dedicated, loyal and faithful members but they were all neglected and in turn, the known enemies and saboteurs of the administration are being appointed. Hon. Minister @Sadiya_farouq should know better and stop appointing people…

Honestly, it’s very embarrassing to see that the Honorable Minister @Sadiya_farouq@FMHDSD appointed Tonikan when there are so many qualified persons. If the minister doesn’t know who to appoint again, she can appoint me.

The same hater that wrote all these rubbish against @MBuhari‘s administration have deleted his twitter account after securing a position under the same govt. #EnemyWithin He is now an appointee in @FMHDSD. But I still don’t blame him.

Dear @Sadiya_farouq This is one major mistake you have made in your career if this story is true and I urge you to immediately step down this appointment as Toni Kan is a big threat to the government of Baba @MBuhari, he is a strong PDP member and a bigot

LMFAOOO.. so Toni Kan rushed to delete his twitter account the moment he got appointed to head the media office of @FMHDSD@Sadiya_farouq? These people are funny, you don’t believe in a govt but you want to work with the same @MBuhari govt? @aishambuhari indeed @EnemyWithin

@Sadiya_farouq@npower_ng@NHGSFP@NasscoNigeria@geep_ng Madam, with the greatest respect, I particularly and many others feel your appointment of Toni Kan is a betrayal of the @MBuhari ‘s government and a betrayal of citizens. Your projects are so pivotal to our nation:/

We keep seeing circular of leaked documents, it is because we have too many #EnemyWithin the system. @Sadiya_farouq you won’t succeed with people like Toni Kan who hates @MBuhari around you. Fix it up immediately. @FMHDSD please note. Cc @OfficialAPCNg and @aishambuhari

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