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COVID-19 lockdown: List of areas under attack by armed hoodlums in Lagos

Hoodlums attack residents in Agege

The harsh economic realities of coronavirus lockdown have been elevated to another dimension in Lagos State by armed miscreants who have resorted to harassing innocent citizens. There has been public outcry on social media especially twitter, calling on government to intervene and secure lives and properties of residents in Lagos who are under attack by hoodlums armed with dangerous weapons such as guns, broken bottles, axes, cutlasses etc.

Some of the areas affected by this COVID-19 lockdown induced siege include: Abesan, Akute, Akowonjo, Alakuko, Agege, Egbeda, Fagbenro, Ijaiye, Iyana-Ipaja, Iju-Ishaga, Meiran and Ogba. Here are some of the complain tweets that drew public attention to the menace:

 @LagDey4 wrote, “If the robbery isn’t happening in your area, you don’t know what God has done for you. Agege is upside down, we don’t even know the difference between the ‘Awawa’ boys and the armed robbers. Everyone is just with cutlass and tyres are being burnt…God save us.”

@Ayemujoba, “Iyana Ipaja | Agege:
Where are the politicians we all voted for? Jungle Justice looming.”

@drPenking, “All these guys Of Lagos taking it upon themselves to protect their community now, if they should catch one of those criminals and lynch now, police will come and put their fingers inside their nostrils and say, ‘Say No to Jungle Justice’.”

@Nation4Atiku, “Subtle Reminder:
If we call off the lockdown, #COVID19 virus will spread. If the lockdown remains, social unrest will escalate further and many will be hungry.
This is a case of choosing the lesser of two evils. Either ways, we are in deep shit! #AgegeUnrest Of Lagos Egbeda.”

@IamTheIroko, “Attacks in Abesan, Akowonjo, Akute, Egbeda, Ogba, Iyanapaja, #AgegeUnrest. All of Lagos is crying for help. Now all of a sudden no one is bothered about social distancing and the #COVID19 spread anymore, all our thinking right now is safety. God protect us all.”

@Mufreeda, “Hoodlums in Agege just a few hours ago. We are ready to protect ourselves and our families since the government and the police force are not helping at all… #LagosUnrest #AgegeUnrest.”

@Omo_Neggo, “Robbery activities on different Streets in Agege.(Dopemu, Cement, Capitol Road,etc). These boys are young and armed. They just left my Street now, SULE Street Mangoro..@PoliceNG @jidesanwoolu
@segalink #LagosUnrest #AgegeUnrest.”

@TosinOlugbenga, “This #COVID19 lockdown has exposed how rotten the society is. It’s a time bomb, even the rich would not be spared. Please @PoliceNG, your attention is needed at Agege.”

@Superpabexx, “The only reason why there is robbery going on in Nigeria now is because Nigerians are hungry. What do you expect people to eat for the next 2 weeks? How do you go on live TV to lie about sharing 100 billion naira to Nigerians? So sad.

@STermined, “We are still battling with Coronavirus lockdown now robbery is another problem. Many places in Lagos like Agege, Ogba, Iyana Ipaja, Abesan Estate are currently being invaded by armed Robbers. The lives of every citizen is important! President Buhari, do something. #AgegeUnrest.”

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