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Business branding has become the secret of transforming any type of business to icon brands to apprehend more of the target market/audience. Beyond this level, so many businesses have suffered at their level of mediocrity of existence by remaining at the status quo level.

For a business to command a larger share of the market acquisition, such businesses must carve a niche for itself by engaging strategies that uplift, re-brand and transform them to a resonant culture of patronage via raising the businesses to an icon.

In the business world of ultra competition, it has become imperative to re-brand businesses to a new level of operational strategies to ensuring its sustainability, durability, competitiveness and patronage from its target market/audience.

In the case of your business chains, Sir, we are proposing to re-brand them into an icon empire to empowering them more to compete in the highly competitive business arena with our BLUE OCEAN BUSINESS STRATEGIES (BOBS)!

BLUE OCEAN BUSINESS STRATEGIES (BOBS) are a chain of business strategies designed to uplift businesses to penetrate more of its target audience and attach itself to the mindset of the customers to become a culture of patronage among the people.

The blue ocean business strategies are different from the existing strategies (the red ocean) where every business strategies are stuck with each other struggling with others! These unique strategies have the extra advantage in their areas of final delivery to achieve the corporate strategy for the owners of the corporation/businesses!

Sir, should your companies/businesses get equipped with our blue ocean strategies, they will become a culture among the people, it will become their next sing-song in the market place. The market command of Coca-Cola, the English Premier League and Harvard University are not necessarily found in extraordinary quality, but in building them to become the toast of the populace and patronage in the market place.

This is exactly what we intend doing to your Multimedia/Motion firm Hospitality business, Oil and gas, Fashion house, Financial Institution, Automobile, Real Estate, Beverage and Confectionaries, Furniture, Agro-allied, Farms, Logistics, Skills acquisition center, Educational institution, Maritime, Philanthropic empowerment! Etc. No matter your area of Endeavour, you need our professional service as we feature in all works of life.

Elysium Primates is a motion multimedia company with uniqueness in movie production, 3D Animation, documentaries, commercial advertisements, Top-notch web development, Apps Development and holistic re-branding.

With our state –of-the-arts equipment’s, we give a top notch movie-like presentation when it has to do with motion multimedia and our clients have been satisfied over the period we have served because it has been our priority to satisfy our clients..

Our duty and obligations is to commercialize whatever you do, be it Goods, Products and services, we give your brand a voice, we push your brand to all the nooks and crannies with our well presented commercials, 3D presentations and documentaries. we make your brand go viral with our advertorial comical and commercial skits, We conduct systematic interviews for our clients. we use very many approach to make sure our aim is been achieved and it works like magic.

We give your brand an online presence which truly sales faster these days and we host these commercials on terrestrial TV stations as well giving your brand an all round presence and advantage.

We shoot with drones to get a holistic overview of your Properties when it has to do with real Estate, farms and other businesses that require such.

Our mission is to grow businesses through our commercial and multimedia campaigns!

We believe in partnering and sharing ideas with our clients for an end to end proficient output, we work closely with our clients through the consultation process, from conceptualization to full execution. We are here to help you stand out and make a difference in your business and endeavors and we provide solution to any question you may have concerning commercializing your business.

Our mission is to get your business going and readily available to whoever needs your services!
We are problem solvers and same time we keep you entertained with our funny comic skits which advertises your business as well.
We are a full service end to end multimedia company rendering services from Movie production, 3D animation, commercial adverts, documentaries, music video shoots, Boat cruise shoots to wedding/marriage shoots, corporate meetings shoot, Proficient/professional website designs, Apps development, intimate/birthday shoots, festivals and tours.
We get so excited when it has to do with multimedia. We love it! We do it!!
We have listening ears, we work with your plans and where there is no initial plan, we develop a professional and proficient template for your approval, together with our well trained team, we bring your dreams to life. We are here to help resurrect businesses and give style to already growing ideas and present it to the public in a well sculpted manner.

Our key brand development proposition is to be challenged by our clientele to deliver promptly with these acclaimed strategies. It is also a thing of joy for us to be given the opportunity to exercise these strategies to elevate your chains of businesses.

• Resonates above social, political, economic and cultural barriers
• Become the toast of the target audience
• Overcome competition while riding like the tidal waves of the sea in its business areas
• Apprehend more of the target market/audience
• Becomes a household name across the federation
• Becomes the preferred brand among its contemporaries
• Becomes a business empire that dominates its sub-sector of the economy
• Opens new channels of patronage and market orientation
• Tap the emotive capital of the populace to explode patronage
• Build your concern into an empire of greatness!

Thanks Sir,

Yours sincerely,

Bob C. Atason
MD/CEO Elysium Primates

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