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Uber driver absconds with passenger’s N20,700

This is an appeal to e-hailing taxi operators Uber Nigeria by Dr Mrs. Rosemary Ogedengbe who mistakenly transferred N23,000 instead of N2,300 to an Uber driver named Ukor Paul Fayombo on the 22nd of February, 2020. She narrates her story:

“On the 22nd of February, 2020, I took a taxi from my place at Isheri to Victoria Island to facilitate a training on behalf of an organisation I work for, at a parents’ forum at Trinity Avenue, V/I. On our way, the breaks of the taxi failed around Oworo. This made the taxi driver to order an uber ride for me to continue the trip. On ending the trip, the new driver told me that my fare was #2,300.00. However, I erroneously transferred #23,000.00 to the driver. I called him when I realised the error and he promised to refund the excess of #20,700.00 but he has since then refused to pick my calls. I reported to Uber and I was told to ask the driver who made the request to demand for the refund which he did but the staff have failed to provide any assistance.”

Dr Ogedengbe is infuriated with the staff of Uber Nigeria who has failed to address the issue at hand nor provide any form of support in her quest get a refund of N20,700 after one month of transaction. She is demanding for immediate refund of her money to avoid further legal action.

ATTENTION: Uber Nigeria

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